New Beginnings Farm



Horses are grained twice daily.
Each is separated at feeding to ensure they eat their appropriate
grains and supplements.

We offer a large variety of grains and forages
to customize each horse's individual dietary needs.

Horses are turned out in small groups (2-5)
for companionship according to temperament.

A farrier is on site every three weeks and all the horses
are dewormed on a six week rotation.

Boarders are vaccinated in the spring and fall,
and receive a health exam from the veterinarian.

The horses at New Beginnings Farm are all held
for their vet/farrier/dental appointments.

Fly masks are removed nightly during the summer months and owner
provided blanket will be put on and taken off in the winter, as needed.

The owners and the farm help live on the farm year round.
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