About Us

Our Set Up

Horses are turned out in small groups (2-5) for companionship according to temperament. Horses are grained twice daily. Each is separated at feeding to ensure they eat their appropriate
grains and supplements. We offer a large variety of grains and forages to customize each horse's individual dietary needs. Two turn out sheds are conveniently located to be accessible from various pastures and paddocks.  Hay feeders are kept in both sheds to provide the horses with dry hay at all times.  Every pasture and paddock has troughs with automatic water.
 The owners and the farm help live on the farm year round.

Veterinary / Farrier

A farrier is on site every three weeks. Boarders are vaccinated in the spring and fall, and receive a health exam from the veterinarian. The horses at New Beginnings Farm are all held
for their vet/farrier/dental appointments by us for your convenience.



The most wonderful thing I ever did for my horse, Fox Run, was to retire him to North Carolina eleven years ago.  Coming from New York, this was not an easy decision for me to make, mainly because of the distance that would be between us.  I grew up with Fox, and he was my best friend.  When various situations arose however, I knew in my heart that I had to retire him.

New Beginnings Farm is a magnificent haven for horses.  I never dreamed he could be in such a beautiful, loving and caring environment.  The owners of the farm, Meredith and Chris, take care of each horse as if it's their own.  I am always kept apprised of how he is doing through phone calls, letters, and photos, and if something comes up that needs immediate attention, I am informed right away.  I can't tell you the comfort this brings me.  Not only do they have concern for the horses, but they care greatly about you, the owner, and making sure that you feel comfortable.

          My family and I spend two vacations a year visiting with Fox, and it has been nothing but a worthwhile and rewarding experience.  The proof is in his appearance, and his mannerism, which have greatly improved since he's become Southern.  The hyper horse he once was in New York, is now a gentle, relaxed and happy horse that my children get to groom and ride bareback.  Every time i come down, he always remember me, too.

          It reminds me of the old TV show Born Free.  I have given something back to my horse for all the wonderful years of riding and happiness he gave me.  Because of this, I truly believe I have prolonged his life and greatly improved its quality.  I have owned Fox Run for twenty-one years now, and he will be twenty-nine in June 2005.  I hope to enjoy him, and his beautiful way of life, for many more years to come.

                                                                                                          Kerriann Flanagan Brosky

                                                                                                           Huntington, New York

For the love of our older horses, retirement at New Beginnings Farm is the greatest gift we can give them.  The loving care and compassion given by the farm's owners, Meredith and Chris Philipps, is beyond expectations.

          My special friend, Beau, spent nine wonderful years at the farm where he won the heart of Meredith.  Sadly Beau passed onto greener pastures May 13, 2004, and now lies beneath the soil at New Beginnings Farm.  My thanks to Meredith and Chris for their wonderful care of my Beau, and for their support and friendship to me.

                                                                                                              Pauline S. LoFrese

                                                                                                               Nissequogue, New York