Meet your Instructors

Dylan Philipps


Dylan is a talented, driven, young rider and although she is young she has been pursuing her riding career for over 7 years. Dylan is a C­2 in Pony Club with hopes of achieving her A in the future. With the help of supportive parents Dylan has had the opportunity to train with some of the best riders in the country.  Dylan has competed through Preliminary level eventing finishing with impressive results.

Meredith Philipps

Meredith took weekly riding lessons all through her childhood and dreamed of owning a farm with lots of horses.  She has been living the dream for over 20 years and loves sharing her enthusiasm for horses with others.  Meredith holds a Bachelor's in Child Development from UNCG.   She is the acting District Commissioner of Eno Triangle Pony Club.  

Riding Lessons

30 minute lessons $35

This option is for younger children(8-) and starts in the ring with a tacked horse. Meredith or Dylan will instruct the students on safety around horses first and foremost then on the basic fundamentals of riding. 

45min to 1 hour lessons $50

This option allows students to get a more behind the scene look on what goes on in the barn. Meredith or Dylan will invite the student into the barn and teach them about safety around horses as well as how to properly groom and tack a horse. Once the horse is tacked and ready to go they will proceed to the ring for their mounted lesson.  This option is recommended to riders with a longer attention span, generally speaking 8+.